Hydrostatic lawn mower moves slow in reverse john

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2k. The problem I had was the engine would run fine but it would lose power going to/through the transmission. It uses 20w 50 castrol motor oil. Thanks, Nick (Frankfort, IL).

Have had the mower for about 15-18 years with no problems.

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Electrical problems.

If you are having problems I would first change oil and filter.

5 years old Craftsman mower with a 20 HP Briggs motor and a hydrostatic transmission manufactured by Tuff Torq (K46 model).

I checked for some kind of adjustment on the rod which goes to the transmission. My Craftsman lawn mower has a hydrostatic transmission and it only has 50 hours on it and the reverse is very very slow. . Now check the mechanical issues.

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fc-falcon">Common Machine Problems for John Deere X350 Lawn Tractor.

. Sep 29, 2018 · fc-falcon">Sep 29, 2018 / Reverse is very slow.

yahoo. Set the motion control lever to the “Forward” setting and drive approximately 5 feet.

Electrical problems are mostly caused by the spark plugs.

272264 its about 4 years old. If there is any failure on the hydrostatic.



Move the motion control levers to the forward and roll for about 5 feet.

Repeat this procedure three (3) times. Now it just barely "creeps" when in reverse. It goes forward without any issues, but does not want to back up, or I should say it backs up very slow on my concrete garage floor, but barely backs up at all on. .

. Loosen – You’ll need two 10mm or 3/8 wrenches or adjustable wrenches. I agree with B&D on getting a service manual if you plan to work on it yourself. I cleaned it out and it fixed my problem.

May 25, 2015 / 185 hydro having issues moving forward and reverse.

. They use the same pump and motor to go forwards and backward. The Lawn mower is used for cutting grass in your yard.